Open standards enable continuous software development in the automotive industry

Until recently, the automotive industry focused mainly on design, electronics development, mechanics and manufacturing. Today, the software component of new vehicles has become a large part of the development cost, driven by the addition of numerous new sensors, intelligent algorithms, very powerful and specialized processors and a highly complex user experience to the vehicle.

In addition, requirements are being placed on high-performance and real-time processing, as well as on the vehicle’s distributed architecture. This development brings with it fundamental challenges and supply chains further complicate development. The following white paper provides a holistic overview of vehicle development, followed by an insight into the various software development processes, languages and tools required for the efficient development of the next generation of intelligent vehicles. The white paper focuses in particular on SYCL™, an open standard from the Khronos™ Group for high-performance programming of heterogeneous multi-core processor systems. (Glaser et al., 2020)

The white paper with all the results is available at the following link: Whitepaper

Very insightful findings and valuable information on how to develop even more targeted software for the automotive sector in the future. Many thanks to all the authors and especially Charles Macfarlane (, Benjamin May ( and Dr. Sven Fleck ( ). Finally, many thanks for allowing Oliver Hupfeld from Inno-Tec to be involved in the completion of this white paper

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