Inno-Tec is partner of Engines Stuttgart e.V.

Since 03.07. Inno-Tec is official partner of the eSport club Engines Stuttgart e.V.!


eSport is not yet very widespread or recognized in Germany. But more and more clubs are founding eSport departments.


Especially in the area of FIFA. You can imagine an eSport club like a normal sports club. There are many teams that participate in official tournaments or organize them themselves. But sometimes people just meet physically or digitally to play together. The engines in League of Legends and Rocket League are particularly successful. Contrary to many prejudices, you can even earn money with eSports. This means that for some people it really is not just a hobby.


The Engines Stuttgart were founded in 2018 and are the largest club in the Stuttgart metropolitan region. At the moment, they consist of 70 active members, mainly students and young professionals. Officially, however, there is no age limit for membership.


We are looking forward to a good and successful partnership!

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