Automotive evolution

The automotive industry is constantly changing. Cars are no longer a simple means of transportation, but have evolved into edge devices. And we specialize in exactly that – the interface between hardware and software, the connection between cameras, sensors, and the car’s network. This is also known as AIS: Automotive integration services.

This is particularly relevant in the field of ADAS: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Here, too, we are in the midst of a rapid technological development. Self-driving cars are no longer science fiction. It is therefore all the more important to always be at the cutting edge of technology. Our software solutions are not only sustainable and meet the current quality standards, but are also always in tune with the times. Behind this are many employees with years of expertise in precisely this area. Through the many projects with renowned customers that we have carried out over the years, this expertise has developed into one of our core competencies.

Also we are not only just able to implement this in our offices. We have a garage where we can perform our S.W.A.T. (SoftWare Advanced Testing) activities. There we can test the systems directly on test-benches or on the vehicle. This way we are able to act quickly and fix problems directly and on site.