Our process models reflect the flexibility and agility of our organization.

As the latest technologies are always in flux, we create space for adaption to be able to integrate new developments quickly.

We tailor projects precisely to the problem that needs to be solved. From our talent pool we deploy the employees whose specific know-how purposefully leads to the required solution.

To give our specialists the greatest possible freedom and to exhaust their innovational strength, recurring tasks are solved by process, whenever appropriate.

There are n bloated projects that artificially grow the organization. We do not strive for a short-term effect, but for substantial, long-term cooperation with all stakeholders; clients, employees, and partner companies.

Individual responsibility is an essential part of our philosophy, also concerning workload. Our employees work assignment oriented. They plan, document, and evaluate their work. This is how we regularly achieve results that inspire the client – and occasionally ourselves as well.



Which minds in our organization are the best to solve the problem? What work and how much work will be required until the job is done? Based on these and other questions we put together a team to solve the given task within the schedule agreed with the client.



Who does what, when and in what order? Roles, tasks, schedules, and capacity planning are defined and coordinated. Each team member should contribute effectively and efficiently without putting too much pressure on them. Flexible organization of the teams emphasizes the agility of our software manufacture.



Starts with the office and ends with the technical equipment. The team gets all the resources that are necessary and useful to accomplish the task. All team members have access to the latest technological developments to create innovations with the most advanced tools.



With the beginning of the project, our principle of unconditional transparency takes effect. The client sees the planned processes that will lead to the solution of his problem. He is given the opportunity to get involved and coordinate with us (software requirements specification) before the team delves into the work.



During development, each module of the new software is subject to constant testing to ensure that it fully meets all requirements. Once the job is done, the final is carried out. This is followed by delivery and acceptance by the customer.



The performance record is part of the project controlling. To complete the project successfully, we document in detail what work we have done, for the client as well as for us. Furthermore, we also check the profitability of the project to identify potential for further optimization.