Our new location in the Classic-Remise Berlin

We have opened our third location! Since the beginning of May, we have had a new office in the Classic-Remise Berlin. The special thing about this location is the extraordinary location. In the middle of the district/ area Europacity, the Classis-Remise radiates in yellow brick and in addition to some office spaces, accommodates many antique cars and collectors’ vehicles. The Classic-Remise originally was a Wilhelminian tram depot, which also explains the high ceilings and the open construction. We are happy to be able to open our third location in such an extraordinary and historic building. In case of specific interest or project enquiry, we can arrange a meeting in our new office. In this case, we ask you to make an enquiry in advance, as the Classic-Remise currently is not open to the public. We are already looking forward to welcoming you in Böblingen, Ulm and Berlin.