Inno-Xperts GmbH Foundation | The IT Recruitment of Inno-Tec

At the beginning of this year, we have founded the company Inno-Xperts GmbH together with Christian Nussbaum. The focus is on sophisticated human resources consulting and recruitment in the IT sector. Through the connection and the close exchange of knowledge with Inno-Tec, it is possible to understand the needs and wishes of companies as well as their employees. This allows communication at eye level and is always an aspiration.

Our core competencies are:

  • Tech-Hunting: The identification of needs and the placement of IT professionals. Through close cooperation with the software manufacture, requirements are clearly definable and an appreciative approach to the IT professionals is possible.
  • Personal Consulting: The foundation for personnel development is a comprehensive offer of human resources consulting. The aspiration here is to understand the company and its processes to its full extent, as well as its corporate culture, and thus to clearly define its needs.
  • Contracting & Interim: It is not worth hiring a new specialist for temporary projects and tasks outside the department. In these situations, it is therefore advisable to involve external specialists. In this case, the connection to Inno-Tec is ideal, since the partnership and the network provide a large selection of specialists. If its complexity increases, a project can also be referred to a service provider.

Due to various fields of application, Inno-Xperts has specialized in some sectors to ensure the best possible consulting. These sectors include automotive, industry, IT, medicine, and pharmaceuticals. It should be emphasized that the manager of Inno-Xperts, Christian Nussbaum, has been a successful consultant for 16 years and has worked as headhunter and personnel consultant for six years. The combination of knowledge transfer of a software manufacture and an experienced consultant/ headhunter makes Inno-Xperts the best place to go for complex IT recruitment.

Click here to visit the Inno-Xperts website.

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