Inno-Tec is a member of the MIH Consortium

Have you ever wondered why there is no open source system like Android for the software development of (electric) cars?

In other words, an open platform on which the various players can pool their knowledge and utilize synergies. Exactly such a platform now exists under the name MIH Consortium and Inno-Tec has been a member of it since this year. MIH stands for “mobility in harmony” and provides the basis for an open mobility and EV (electric vehicle) ecosystem. The alliance of partners from the automotive industry aims to accelerate innovation and shorten development cycles.


The consortium was initiated in 2021 by the Taiwanese company Foxconn and already has 2,349 members (as of May 2022). The origin of the consortium is the drive for innovation in the industry, as well as the expectations of consumers: to have more and more comfort features and safety systems in their vehicles. In order to meet these expectations and achieve the common goal, close cooperation between the members is necessary. We at Inno-Tec are proud to be a part of this and support the future-oriented vision of the MIH consortium.

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